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Add Luxury to Any Item

Whether you want a holographic, metallic, or gloss finish on your media, the LD-80 is compatible with a wide variety of foils with different textures and colors for a myriad of unique personalization results.

Traditional foil stamping technology uses high heat and pressure which can damage the material being marked. DGSHAPE Laser Decorating technology can imprint adhesive backed foils on to paper and soft plastics without any damage to the substrate.

Your brand’s products are already exclusive. Make them one-of-a-kind for your customers with DGSHAPE laser decoration technology. Building on the platform of the revolutionary LD-80 Laser Decorator, the LD-300 Laser Decorator goes beyond foil decoration on soft plastics to include larger and more robust items like gift packaging and direct imprinting on leather. The unique design of LD-300 accepts small to medium size branded products for unique personalization on a variety of materials. In addition to smaller applications compatible with LD-80, LD-300 also decorates large objects with ease.

Ease of Use

Load it and Go!

The yellow thermal application sheet easily swings back and forth to load materials in seconds.

A compact machine that can be taken to different locations and events for on-demand personalization— expand your business beyond the storefront.
Runs safe and clean with no debris or gas leakage.

The LD-300 Laser Decorator was completely re-designed to accommodate large items such as handbags and gift boxes* with increased speed. Flat, A4 sized items (305mm×230mm) can be decorated with ease; and if you remove the print table, the available decorating area expands to 200mm thick!

*Depending on the height of the box, a spacer may be required for adjustment. You may also need to support the inside of the box to prevent the surface of the box from sinking or creasing.

An industry-first in personalization, DGSHAPE Laser Decorators offer a unique opportunity for your kiosk, gift shop, online store, or personalization business to create exciting new custom products with dazzling text and reflective graphics.

Advanced Technology


Light Amplified Select Emission Radiation sounds fancy doesn’t it? Well, we took the fancy and put it to good use making even fancier items with our Laser Decorator line of products.

Using a semiconductor laser, combined with our revolutionary motion control firmware, our laser decoration technology transfers metallic foil to promotional products which can be very difficult with conventional hot-foil stamping technology. The laser focuses heat to activate the adhesive on these foils, only in the areas needed, to decorate logos and text on a variety of different materials.

LD laser technology

This is where the real magic happens.

DGSHAPE’s proprietary technology focuses the bue light from the diode laser into heat at the exact resolution needed to activate the adhesive in the metallic foil.

LD-300 has a spring loaded head mechanism that tracks the surface of the printed object ensuring an even imprint across the entire surface of the decorated item.
LD laser technology


Direct Imprinting on Natural Leather

Our patent pending technology, first pioneered with the LD-80, uses foil transfer for decoration on synthetic leather. With the LD-300, the same technology can also imprint directly onto the surface of genuine* leather. Produce multiple items at once or create unique masterpieces one at a time. Unlike CO2 lasers, DGSHAPE’s semi-conductor laser decoration technology emits no gas or odors commonly associated with laser engraving applications or fume extraction equipment. All while delivering crisp text, fine lines, and highly detailed artwork.

* Please use genuine leather processed with plant-based tanning when transferring and stamping. Other types of treated leather will produce inconsistent results. In addition, please note that synthetic leather cannot be printed directly.

Imprint designs in amazing detail with no loss of quality

Traditional leather decoration using laser needs adequate ventilation. DGSHAPE laser technology is safe for office or retail environments.




You don’t need to be a graphics expert to design and output artwork in METAZAStudio Software.
MetazaStudio LD
Import and edit a wide range of files in METAZAStudio and get detailed text and image results with the LD-300.
Input your serial data, including numbers and names to produce items for multiple customers.
MetazaStudio LD
LD-300 front



The LD-300 comes with Power cord, USB cable, Holding Fixture, AC adapter, setup guide, material retainer, film frame, and MetazaStudio software.

Contact an authorized DGSHAPE distributor to obtain certified DGSHAPE spare parts and accessories.

LD-80, like all DGSHAPE devices, is part of an “Open System” where any CAD, scanner, and CAM can be used to complete your own personal workflow that you are familiar with. We do not have any proprietary components or software and we do not charge a fee to “unlock” any part of our system.


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