Advanced milling technology

The Best Is Now Even Better

Developed by the industry leader in zirconia milling, the DWX-53DC 5-axis dry milling device optimizes your production with a suite of automated features including faster disc exchanges, a 15-slot automatic tool changer, and a new, internal camera for 24/7 operational visibility. This powerful device comes complete with everything you need to begin milling PMMA, Zirconia, Ascetal resin, composite resin, PEEK, PEKK and gypsum. Enjoy maximum workflow flexibility while tracking your results through DGSHAPE CLOUD.

DWX-53DC Dry Mill


More Powerful

Designed to wow even PMMA power users, the DWX-53DC is built to handle multiple digital partial and denture workflows. Engineered with improved rigidity and spindle strength, it easily mills dual and mono-shaded PMMA discs. The DWX-53DC also boasts faster milling times with its 4mm tool capability.

Iot Technology

Remote Access

The DWX-53DC is DGSHAPE CLOUD ready and compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, providing touchscreen access for easy maintenance, operation and job monitoring. In addition, it’s built-in camera provides views of your milling activity from anywhere. Enjoy worry-free operation with remote device management and support from DGSHAPE Insight, available with your DGSHAPE account.

Milling Options

Multiple Materials

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Disc Adapter Rack
  • DWX-53DC

    Dental Mill

    The DWX-53DC CAD/CAM 5-Axis Milling Device includes a built-in camera, user-replaceable spindle, 6-adapter housings, 15-tool housings, operation and adapter status light indicators, ionizer, improved disc changing technology, improved material handling, intelligent tool control, automated notifications, new cleaning program for zirconia material, one-touch button control, customizable storage drawer, Surface tablet compatibility, and remote accessibility through DGSHAPE Cloud.

  • ZR-53D

    Adapter Rack

    The DWX-53DC dry mill includes an adapter rack that holds multiple standard and open edge adapters.

  • ZMA-53D

    Standard Adapter

    The Standard Adapter for the DWX-53DC dry mill can be used with all compatible 98.5 mm PMMA, zirconia, wax, PEEK, PEKK, pre-sintered chromium cobalt, glass-fiber reinforced resins, and composite resin disc materials. The DWX-53DC disc management capabilities have been improved to handle up to 100 different adapters. Each device includes six Standard Adapters.

  • ZMA2-53DC

    Open Edge Adapter

    The new Open Edge Adapter for the DWX-53DC dry mill allows 90-degree milling functionality, making anterior teeth anatomy and undercuts easier to access for precision milling. This adapter is waterproof, heat-resistant, and pressure resistant, making it ideal for use with Removable Denture Kits (CA-DK2). Each device includes one Open Edge Adapter.

  • ZV-52D

    Pin-Type Adapter

    The Pin-Type Adapter is available with all DWX series dental mills. This adapter can hold up to eight 14mm materials at once, and is ideal for dry milling of composite resin materials. Each device includes one Pin-Type Adapter.

  • ZS-53DC

    New Spindle

    The DWX-53DC ‘s newly designed spindle boasts several important improvements. The spindle head has been redesigned to perform a new cleaning process that removes zirconia milling waste from the adapter and clamp. In addition, this spindle grips with four times the normal force, strongly securing tools when milling the latest PMMA materials or creating deep pockets for large applications.

  • ZRB-200D

    4.0mm Milling Bur

    The DWX-53DC includes a new tool that’s ideal for PMMA milling, the 4.0mm milling bur. Its larger diameter significantly decreases the time necessary to rough CAD/CAM materials, reducing the total time necessary to produce milled applications. Each device includes one set.

  • ZBH-52D

    Milling Bur Holder

    The Milling Bur Holder for the DWX-53DC dry mill has been improved with a new, thinner padding that allows a more centered tool pickup. Each device includes 15 Milling Bur Holders.

    24/7 Support

    Automated Workflows Reduce Downtime

    The DWX-53DC’s built-in camera offers improved support, automatically recording when milling is interrupted and provided video access from anywhere via DGSHAPE Insights. With automated workflows for resolving Level One technical issues, you can get your devices up and running quickly.