Hamamatsu, Japan, March 3rd, 2023 – DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and a leading provider of digital fabrication tools worldwide, today announced the release of its DWX-52D Plus dry dental milling machine and DWX-42W Plus wet dental milling machine. These advanced milling devices offer users a suite of new and improved milling features.

The DWX-52D Plus brings new level of efficiency and precision to milling zirconia, PMMA and other materials. Engineered for smooth production, the DWX-52D Plus boasts an impressive 190% reduction in friction and vibration, yielding enhanced output quality on significantly thinner margins and on PMMA materials. In addition, the DWX-52D Plus’s stronger spindle easily holds 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm burs, reducing the time needed for the roughing process. New CAM strategies combine with these improvements to boost overall production speeds.

The DWX-42W Plus provides everything users need for easy, fast and accurate wet milled production. Its stronger system efficiently handles ceramics and fully sintered zirconia blocks. The included burs can mill 50 or more fully sintered zirconia blocks each, while new roughing and finishing tools last up to 100% longer than previous tools.  A nozzle has been added to the DWX-42W Plus’s spindle base for improved coolant flow and all nozzles have new extensions that ensure accuracy. These improvements along with new CAM strategies yield up to a 24% reduction in milling time for hybrid ceramic materials.

“With features that improve accuracy while reducing production time, the DWX-52D Plus and DWX-42W Plus each represent a significant step forward in digital dental milling technology,” said Hisashi Bito, DGSHAPE Corporation’s President of Operations. “As dental professionals worldwide increasingly move to digital milling workflows, DGSHAPE remains dedicated to offering advanced milling solutions that make wet and dry milling workflows easier, more efficient, and more precise than ever before.”

For more information on the complete line of DGSHAPE dental products and accessories, and to find an authorized reseller in your area, visit www.dgshape.com.

About DGSHAPE Corporation

DGSHAPE Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation, established in 2017 to develop and market innovative fabrication technology worldwide. Products include DWX milling devices, MPX photo impact printers and EGX engravers for industrial and personalization applications, and MDX and monoFab series desktop milling machines for the rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and craft applications. DGSHAPE’s employees design and build innovative technology to help users “Shape the Future.” To learn more about DGSHAPE Corporation, visit www.dgshape.com.