International Dental Show 2023


The DGSHAPE Crew is delighted to be returning to IDS, Cologne, March 14-18, 2023, hall 3.1, booth K-60 – L-69.
In addition to meeting the international DGSHAPE team, visitors will also be able to interact with DGSHAPE Experts, clinicians, lab owners and technicians who use DGSHAPE mills on a daily basis in their own businesses, who will provide live demonstrations throughout the event. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from their experience, and we are very grateful they are willing to spend their time with us and share their knowledge with you. This concept of sharing knowledge and experience is central to our belief that “together is better”.

The bond and trust between DGSHAPE and its expert users includes the R&D team in Japan, with input from users directly impacting the development of new dental technology. DGSHAPE recognises the positive influence of its users in its success, resulting in 20,000 dental mills shipped globally since 2010. It was the pioneering digital dental technicians who gave encouragement to us to develop dedicated dental milling solutions, combining their passion and knowledge with our experience of producing desktop CNC mills since 1986.

Our users have given us a deep understanding of what is needed in modern dentistry, and our milling machines have an enviable reputation for ease of use, reliability, precision and price performance.

DGSHAPE is a subsidiary of Roland DG, which has its roots in music, Roland Corporation. This multinational organisation has never lost its human face, and has maintained a family business feel, a rarity in such a large company.

DGSHAPE IDS 2023 square
Even the production process has avoided the impersonal mass-production approach. All Roland DG and DGSHAPE products are assembled using a concept known as Digital Yatai. This patented process utilises a computer-guided system to provide step-by-step instruction on assembling devices individually, from chassis to completion. Every screw is placed using the optimum torque level, by an assembler proud to put their name to every device. We have always embraced an ‘open’ policy in terms of our technology. As one of the pioneering partners in the development of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) we allowed musicians to connect any keyboard, piano or synthesiser to a PC – regardless of which manufacturer. This transformed the accessibility and affordability of creating music. We follow the same concept now in dental. You can operate our mills from most leading CAM packages, accessing scanned data from most leading CAD packages and select your milling materials from your choice of supplier.

On the DGSHAPE hall 3.1 Booth K-60 - L-69

The new flagship disc changer model was released in September 2022, with demand continuing to exceed expectation. “The DWX-53DC was developed to meet the growing need for faster production of smart polymers” explains Stefania Cimino Director of DGSHAPE for EMEA. “For example, digital dentures is a trend we see more and more, and the DWX-53DC has a much greater tool grip force. When you combine this with the increased rigidity of the general construction, you have the perfect solution for increased productivity and performance.”

The DWX-53DC utilises various sensor technology to ensure accuracy is maintained – even if ambient temperature increases or decreases dramatically. An integrated camera also makes it easy for the user to remotely monitor milling progress and has dashcam-style capability for diagnostics of production interruptions.

Although bursting with automated smart technology, you have ultimate control over the DWX-53DC. An enhanced manual calibration gives you the ability to fine-tune your production quality. The concept of ‘you are the artist’ celebrates how dental technicians are artists, creating bespoke works of art, multiple times everyday. Our aim is to provide the technical advancements to enable your creativity to reach new levels.

Manoj Vijay, Evodental, UK “Evo has grown rapidly since launch and to keep up with demand, we have continually invested in new digital technology for our growing network of clinics. I have a great relationship with the international DGSHAPE team, and really value that I can pick up the phone to talk to my friends, whether they are in UK, Japan or US. The personal connection means a lot to me.”
Our affordable disc changer continues to be one of the most popular and fastest-selling milling solutions around the world. With versatile and reliable overnight production, it has accelerated the growth of many labs, giving them 24/7 productivity and ground-breaking remote monitoring through DGSHAPE Cloud and the DGSHAPE Insights web accessible application. With the ability to load 6 discs of mixed material, your daily production can be queued up and collected in the morning. You can even access completed work when another disc is milling and load another blank disc for continuous, uninterrupted productivity.

Federico Galvani, Spallanzani Dental Clinic, Italy “We started by buying our first milling machine, the DWX-52DCI, which has up to 6 discs and 15 automatic accessories. Soon afterwards, we purchased a second one and then a third. This allows us to run the machines day and night even with different materials.”

Smaller labs and those focusing on very high level aesthetics may not consider the need for a disc changer solution. This is why the DWX-52D single disc solution remains popular today. Utilising the same material disc adapters and 15 bay automatic tool changer, it is an ideal companion to the DWX-52DCI, particularly for those ‘rush jobs’ which need to be produced quickly without interrupting the productivity of the main mill.

Carlo Romanisio, Spain “Twelve years ago, we introduced zirconium into our daily work. And today we have three CADCAM milling machines. We mainly blend zirconium, ceramics, disilicates, hybrid ceramics, and PMMA.”

The DWX-52D Plus is the upgraded model from the DWX-52D by integrating the new spindle(ZS-52D) and the related items: collet(ZC-52D), spindle belt(ZSB-180D), tool holder(ZBH-52D). Its increased grip force by 1.8x and enhanced rigidity offer greater PMMA milling performance, better milling accuracy, and less visible surface from tool flexion.

For glass ceramics, such as lithium disilicate, you can choose to mill wax on any of the dedicated dry mills and press using ingots. If you prefer to mill the glass ceramic, you need a wet mill, such as the DWX-42W.

Our focus has always been on high quality results and reliable performance, rather than chasing speed. Ballscrew-driven motion control and proprietary spindle design ensures smooth and quiet operation, making it suitable for both labs and clinics. Multiple restorations, using various material, can be produced together, for increased efficiency.
We continue to expand our library of adapters, collaborating with leading implant companies to provide you with the capability to produce titanium custom abutments.

Olivier Boujenah, Digismile et Design4me, France “It is a great open system. The DWX-42W machines have a nice design and are finally silent compared to other machines I have.”

The DWX-42W Plus is the upgraded model from the DWX-42W by integrating the new spindle(SD-60), offering a more rigid spindle shaft and an enhanced coolant system to offer greater milling performance. The coolant water is more likely to hit the edge of grinding bur and the spindle air outlet closer to the spindle shaft helps to reduce adhered milling waste.

The ultra-compact DWX-4 is the perfect solution for any clinic or lab to start their digital production journey. Compact, affordable and simple to use, the DWX-4 offers automatic tool change capability and accessories to expand its capability. Utilising 4 axes cannot match the geometric diversity of the above 5 axis mills, but is more than capable of producing single units and short bridges.

Dr Neoh Ein Yau, 32d Dental Clinic, Malaysia “My practice has been using the DWX-4 for more than four years. This milling machine is small yet extremely reliable! The restorations are done on the same day, with high accuracy, and perfect fit every time. There is no mess with impression materials.”
At DGSHAPE, we recognise that not all labs follow the same upgrade path. Although smart materials have challenged the need for metal for certain applications, cobalt chrome and titanium continue to provide clinical and mechanical benefits.
The result is the MyEvolution Fast metal mill, built for DGSHAPE, manufactured by Santa Barbara Dental, and marketed, distributed and supported by DGSHAPE in EMEA. This solution was developed for labs and milling centres, whose demands exceed the limited capabilities of desktop alternatives.

Luigi De Stefania Dental Lab, Italy “The DWX DGSHAPE milling machines (I have a 5-axis) are simple, complete and with exceptional application production quality, excellent for zirconia and other materials. I also have the My Evolution Fast for milling metal, a winning combination.”

This is a unique user-friendly interface developed by DGSHAPE and created in response to the needs of DWX customers. VPanel replaces complex CNC peripheral control panels with its simple and particular interface. The Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) supplied free of charge with every DGSHAPE device allows the operator to efficiently perform machine diagnostics, calibrations, and machining process management directly from the PC. It also monitors milling progress and alerts users when cutters need to be replaced.

DGSHAPE Cloud also evolved as a result of a request from a DGSHAPE EXPERT: “having to leave my multiple milling machines running, I was looking for a solution to keep track of my jobs, provide return on investment data and other useful details for managing my work.”

DGSHAPE Cloud is the web platform developed by DGSHAPE and made available free of charge to its customers. It enables complete remote management of the milling facility. Using a suite of high-level applications, you can remotely monitor and service CADCAM milling devices, control the production of milled products, and supervise the milling facility even with a webcam. In addition, with the DGSHAPE Insights web app, it is possible to remotely connect to all milling devices at any time of the day using a desktop or mobile device, receive news and alerts and get in touch directly with DGSHAPE.

US customer: “It is excellent support for us; we can keep track of processed materials, make analyses and projections for the future, and manage our milling center.”

Created to support the demands of many dental technicians in the fabrication of dentures, a range of kits is available, offering the possibility of producing efficient high-precision dentures at an affordable cost and in a short time. Now you can offer high-quality digital prosthetics with a set of ready-to-use kits and easy-to-follow processes (with tutorials available to customers). Thanks to the open system, you can choose the preferred CAD/CAM software and resin or IPN-framed teeth to make a complete prosthesis in about two and a half hours: webinar: workflow and benefit.

There will be many live demonstrations on the booth, with new processes, applications and materials. Full details can be obtained through the DGSHAPE IDS 2023 events page.

DGSHAPE continues to lead the way with digital technologies that bring your ideas to life and revolutionising business processes, supporting you, the artist, shaping the future of the digital dental workflow.

Join the international DGSHAPE Crew on a voyage of discovery, hall 3.1 Booth K-60 – L-69.