Small Footprint, Powerful Solution



Compact and Powerful

Small enough to fit in tight spaces and powerful enough to keep up with larger CAD/CAM milling devices, the DWX-4 makes transitioning from analog to digital workflows easy. This 4-Axis Dental Milling Device offers advanced features including an expandable tool changer, exchangeable material clamps, and simple calibration and optimization operations. The DWX-4 is a compact, powerful solution, meet today’s demand for digital CAD/CAM workflows.

DWX-4 open


Expandable CAD/CAM Solution

Whether you manage a small or mid-sized dental business, the DWX-4 will keep up as your demand increases. Produce crown and bridge restorations from zirconia, PMMA, wax, and composite resin materials. Use pin-type material holders for single-unit restorations or block holders for short-span bridge production. Expand your automatic tool changer and use up to four milling tools to add high-quality detail to the anatomy of your milled output. Attach a multi-pin clamp to increase the number of dental restorations you can mill simultaneously. The DWX-4 is the most compact, scalable and versatile milling device in the dental industry, built to meet the growing needs of your dental business.


Up to 98 mm of Milling

DGSHAPE’s Universal Disc Adapter extends your ability to produce crown and bridge dental restorations with 98mm material discs. This adapter easily inserts into the DWX-4 and keeps materials in position after milling has completed, eliminating the need for reindexing. Mill single-unit crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays, or scale up production to produce short- to long-span bridges. The Universal Disc Adapter is available in selected regions and is sold separately.

Operations & Maintenance

Simplified Production and Device Monitoring

Included VPanel software provides a complete solution that seamlessly combines maintenance and output performance control. Oversee up to four milling devices from a single PC and perform and track all maintenance operations through VPanel’s user-friendly interface.



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