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Eirthemis Healthcare Management System

Eirthemis is a combination of two characters from European mythologies. Eir: In Norse mythology, Eir is a goddess associated with medical skill and healing. Themis: In Greek mythology, Themis is a goddess of law and order.

Eirthemis represents the symbolic union of healing and order. Eirthemis leverages technology to promote favorable patient outcomes in the healthcare field and improve efficiencies within the hospital environment.


Paperless Solutions for Healthcare

Eirthemis applies the technology and know-how of “Digital Yatai” used in Roland DG’s product assembly plants.

This surgical instrument management solution tracks the usage history of surgical instruments in healthcare facilities and improves the quality and efficiency of maintenance work. This system was developed jointly with National Hospital corporation and Hamamatsu University School of Medicine.

Leveraging the power of a Microsoft mobile technology in the Surface Pro tablet, Eirthemis is a completely portable solution using WiFi connectivity to connect to the local server in the healthcare facility.

No cords, no carts, no delays.

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Build Your Perfect Solution

MD = Medical Database


Process Control software module

Complete Business Intelligence package based on DWINDEX Performance Management software

Eirthemis is a complete medical traceability system for healthcare facilities.

Each module in the Eirthemis system is specifically designed for a unique part of the traceability process. Database management, Digital Process Control, and Business Intelligence Analytics are all separate pieces to provide a platform for complete customization in your Central Services / Central Sterile department.


Choose Your Adventure

Install on a Microsoft Surface tablet or Tower PC

copy about Surface tablet and mobile OS

copy talking about Tower PC install

Eirthemis tablet




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