Sophisticated Disc Changer with Smart Functions

Technology Transforming to Art

Dental technicians create prostheses and dentures for patients, just like painters applying color by color. Each dental restoration is unique, exceptional, just like the most elaborate artwork.
They have the ability to create a perfect fit for the individual characteristics of the mouth. Their porcelain work pursuing authenticity and beauty.
In functionality and aesthetics, the power of dental technicians surpasses natural teeth.

“Automation” is not just the pursuit of efficiency; it is the technology to unlock the potential of human endeavor.
The DWX-53DC, the latest disc changer model, enhances the value of “craftmanship” through intelligence and vitality-state-of-the-art digital technology and machine frame embodying “SMART” to unlock the next dimension.
The unlimited world of creativity unfolds beyond its frame.

Picture-Frame-Like Exterior
Deceptively Compact Disc Changer

DWX-53DC is a beautifully crafted thoroughbred, concealing the power to realise the infinite potential of Dental Technicians, like an artist manipulating colors to create a masterpiece.

The sophisticated look adds creativity to your lab’s atmosphere.
The dedicated holder allows you to install a touch panel to the front of the machine.

Best Milling Performance, Everyday

The improved rigidity provides complete stability.
Take calibration to the next level:
  •  The built-in temperature sensor compensates for the machine’s expansion and contraction caused by the temperature change.
  • Additional manual calibration for exceptional results.
The open edge adapter and B-axis ±35 degrees milling enables supreme quality milling for anteriors.

High Speed PMMA Milling for The Next Generation of DIGITAL DENTURE

The improved rigidity and newly designed spindle enables 4mm tool milling.
  • Our Digital Denture Solutions, CA-DK series, and genuine tools provide state-of-the-art milled digital dentures.

High-Speed Disc Change

  • Up to 100 ID labels for disc changing.

CLOUD × Built-In Camera

  • DGSHAPE CLOUD, our latest web-based application service, incorporating the built-in camera provide various information about the machine, including production data and recorded videos during milling. Our cloud service supports you in managing your DWX production, making a more efficient production plan, and maintaining your machines.

Make Your Cleaning Work More Efficient

  • The high-power air blow program removes 99% of zirconia debris from the milled disc.
  • The dedicated extractor automatically cleans its filter at optimal intervals maintaining the cleaning power.

Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

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