Digital Dentistry Day Asia

About this event

A UNIQUE day about DIGITAL DENTISTRY organized by DGSHAPE a Roland Company, and co-organized thanks to the collaboration with the most famous dentistry player:

CIM System, Shofu, Ackuretta, and Shenpaz.


Interesting seminars will introduce CAD/CAM techniques and help you understand how to use technology in the dental industry best, thanks to some of the most famous dentists.

Our Ambassadors will reveal some techniques for digital production of the entire workflow, and You’ll learn how to grow your dental business thanks to digital.

We will welcome you at the Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar and catering will be provided for participants.

The all-day event will be completely free, but reservations are required.


  • Dr Lee Soon  Boon – Malaysia
  • Dr Jaemin Lee- Korea
  • Dr PokPong- Thailand
  • Dr Tantono- Indonesia
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When and where

When and where

Date and time

19 November 2023
09:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar 
1 Jalan Pantai Baharu Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 59200 Malaysia

Dr Jaemin Lee

Dr Lee Soon Boon

Dr PokPong

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DGSHAPE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roland DG, the world’s leading digital printing company. We also have roots in Roland, which has revolutionized the music industry through digital technologies. Together, the Roland Group provides products for digital artists to shape their ideas and creativity.
Since its beginnings DGSHAPE has grown to prominence in the dental industry. We believe that dental technicians and dentists who pursue the functionality and esthetic of a single tooth, and who create designs that improve human health and enhance smiles, are indeed artists.

We had many opportunities to meet artists. Inspired by the extraordinary seen and unseen aspects of the world, artists believe in their own powers of imagination and diligently pursue their vision. They create ART that transcends the status quo and shapes the future.

DGSHAPE embraces its brand vision, “Empowering People to Shape the Future,” and its mission, “Make Innovation, Make Life Better.”
We have taken on many challenges and continue to innovate, from developing pen plotters to digital printers and from printers to advanced CNC 3D milling machines.
Real innovation breaks with the present and moves our minds toward the future.
ART is an essential part of our brand.

Together we create a new dimension to the future.

When you buy a DGSHAPE milling machine, you don’t just buy a machine, you buy the support and assistance of an entire team present in your area and able to follow and guide you over time.
Through a network of subsidiaries and resellers, DGSHAPE products and support are present in over 200 countries.

Regular updates can keep your machine performing at its best and save you money in the long term. You deserve no less! Register your product right now!
Logo DGSHAPE Cloud
Increase productivity. Take remote control of your CAD/CAM milling device with DGSHAPE CLOUD: your free software.
Oversee up to four milling devices from a single PC, and perform and track all maintenance operations through VPanel’s user-friendly interface. 
Like a crew on a ship, we all (Team, Dealers, and Customers) have a role to play in the growth and well-being of society.
Our boat is running fast because for us being part of a crew means “We are all rowing in the same direction, with passion and enthusiasm!”