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Diamonds Are Forever

The MPX-95 is the 7th generation Metaza to use this technology. Since 2005, the MPX series devices use a stylus that impacts the metal item to be decorated with enough force to create a physical impression in the material, forever altering it with the photo, 2D barcode, or text customization you choose.

MPX-95 Metaza Photo Impact Printer permanently decorates metal objects with text, logos, and photographic images for complete personalization that will last a lifetime. A diamond-tipped photo impact stylus strikes material with high-speed precision – producing detailed graphics and text on smart devices, jewelry, sunglasses, urns, golf clubs, and more. 

The result is a high-resolution monochromatic style photo on metal. Decorating text is simple as well, with 1000 dpi output using any available fonts in your PC operating system. 

For Direct Part Marking applications (DPM) such as industrial marking and medical device traceability, the MPX-95 permanently marks serial numbers and QR or data matrix codes for a permanent inventory tracking solutions

Compact Size

Self Contained, Medical Grade

The MPX-95 is a class 1 laser product. The red laser pointer is designed for perfectly aligning your object in the center of the impact area for precise decoration of high resolution artwork.

For medical devices, place 2D barcodes on the tiniest portion of the tool with targeted precision and unmatched detail.

MPX-95 is small enough for a desk and does not need a large work area. The cover latches in place and the laser pointer aligns perfectly to the center of the impact area for quick turnaround of decorated items. 

Easy To Use

One Touch Solution

MPX has a latching mechanism that secures the impact platform to the main housing of the machine.

By removing the impact platform, larger items such as custom gifts can be decorated.

The MPX-95 automatically detects the surface of any object to decorate without any additional modification.

Loading materials is easy with any of the included fixtures and the removable impact platform allows for oversized objects to be placed inside the work area.


Optional Attachments

GK-1 Gift Engraving Kit is specially designed for awards and recognition or kiosk-type items in a retail environment. 

DK-1 Direct Part Marking kit specially designed for holding industrial and medical parts to impact 2D barcodes and text in hard to reach places.

The base plate and base unit of the MPX-95 can be removed to enable it to imprint onto larger items like golf clubs and metal vases.

The optional Gift Engraving kit and Direct Part Marking kits greatly increase the range of items available for personalization.


MetazaStudio Software

The MPX-95 requires no regular maintenance. The impact head is a consumable item and is expected to be replaced after its duty cycle is complete. The MPX head manager software manages the life cycle of the impact head.

MetazaStudio is the bundled design software for use with MPX-95. It can process JPG and BMP files, while also using all available fonts from your Windows operating system. The software automatically generates QR codes for use in direct part marking applications


Data Matrix, 2D, and QR codes are visual coded images that transmit data to a scanning device. They are designed to capture alphanumeric data for the purposes of serialization and inventory management. MetazaStudio has an included feature to automatically turn your alphanumeric data, such as serial numbers or lot numbers, into a data matrix code that can then be impacted onto the metal object. 

It is especially useful for UDI medical regulations and medical device traceability. 




Imprintable Material

Gold, silver, copper, platinum, brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and titanium.

(Vickers hardness of the material must be 200 or less)

Imprintable area is 80 mm x 80 mm

Operating Speed

Photo: 50 mm/sec

Vector: 24 mm/sec



Power Requirements

Dedicated AC adapter

AC 100-240V ± 10% 50-60 Hz

Operating Noise

Operation: 70 dB(A) or less (cover closed)


12 kg (26.5 lbs)

Loadable Workpiece

With Base Plate and Table installed:

Width: Up to 100 mm (12 in)

Depth: Up to 200 mm (9.1 in)

Height: Up to 40 mm (1.6″ in)

With Base plate removed:

Width: Up to 100 mm

Depth: Up to 200 mm

Height: Up to 70 mm

*Any item that will fit in the machine can be imprinted if the cover is left open. Beware this increases operating noise beyond published spec.

Impact Resolution

Photo: 353 dpi

Vector: 1058 dpi

Imprinting Method

Diamond tipped stylus; impact pressure

Power Consumption

Approx. 21 W

External Dimensions

Width: 286 mm (11.3 in)

Depth: 383 mm (15.1 in)

Height: 308 mm (12.2 in)

Installation Environment

Indoor use only, Temperature: 10-30°C  Relative Humidity: 35-80%

The DWX-52DCi comes with everything you need to get started, including software, an air pressure regulator, six material adapters, and a power cord. 

Frequently Asked Questions

DGSHAPE is a member of the Roland DG group of companies and our products are sold and serviced through its network of distribution partners around the world.

In most cases, DGSHAPE will warranty the machine for up to 1 year after install, however regional regulations will determine specific warranty policies around replacement of consumable items and hardware repair. Contact an authorized DGSHAPE distributor for details.


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