DGSHAPE Insights

24/7 remote access to your milling center

What's New

The New Insights from DGSHAPE

DGSHAPE Insights is the web-based evolution of DWINDEX2, delivering mobile, virtual CAD/CAM management for your milling device. Available as a free application in DGSHAPE CLOUD. Insights builds upon the features of DWINDEX2  with improved data graphics, and a new UX/UI. DWX customers can manage their milling centers from anywhere, anytime through their mobile devices or PC’s. 

Advanced Support

Simplified Device Protocols

DGSHAPE Insights offers an improved device support platform built to keep your milling centers running with, minimal downtime. Monitor the job queue and access live video during your production hours. Use a step-by-step support protocol to keep your devices operating at maximum efficiency. Insights’ simplified device monitoring and support ensures your milling center operation is worry-free.

All Access

Monitor your Milling Center from Anywhere

Your dental business is part of an increasingly fast-paced industry. Having access to remote monitoring capabilities is critical to maintaining the highest level of productivity. DGSHAPE Insights’ new remote access feature allows you to view unit output, utilization and completed jobs, and offers support for your device while you are away from your milling center. 

Automated Tracking

Data Driven Results

Insights tracks the material and job output from your CAD/CAM workflow, and shows you the total amount of digitally milled applications from all connected mills. Keep track of utilization and balance your workload among multiple DWX devices to extend your mill’s lifespan. Insights also tracks timeframes for parts replacement and other maintenance procedures, making it easy for you to keep your device optimized and ready for use. 

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