In-house production of custom abutments

Abutment Kit for DWX-42W

Abutment Kit 
Low investment 


Simply connect the AK-1 attachment to the center pin of the DWX-42W material holder to produce high value, custom abutments. DGSHAPE’s new special-purpose milling burs can process pre-milled titanium blocks with ease.

A single DWX-42W unit can adapt to a variety of applications and grow your business profitability even further.


Process pre-milled titanium blocks through simple operation

When switching to custom abutment processing, simply replace the filtration tray and connect the AK-1 attachment.
Your CAM software handles the rest.

Components needed

to mill abutments

Your AK-1 Abutment Kit Includes

(Primary Set)

Three Types of Special-Purpose Milling Burs

Specially engineered burs, compatible with pre-milled blocks from GeoMedi, MEDENTiKA, and NT Trading.

Switch-Out Tray and Two Special-Purpose Filters

Designed specifically for the collection of titanium milling waste, the switch-out tray is supplied with two replacement filters.

Torque Driver

Fix materials to the adapter with the appropriate levels of torque.

Receptacle Tray

Keep your milling materials close-to-hand and your workstation organized.

Hexagonal Wrench

Make adjustments to your milling set-up with the hexagonal wrench.

Material Adapter Attachments

(Sold Separately)


Compatible with GeoMedi Geo CMFit® series


Compatible with MEDENTiKA PreFace® series


Compatible with NT-Trading NT-PREFORM® series




Special-purpose milling burs

  • ZTB-150D: R1.5mm (3mm)
  • ZTB-100D: R1.0mm (2mm)
  • ZTB-50D: R0.5mm (1mm)

Q. Will the filter sheet that comes with this kit need to be replaced? If so,
when should it be replaced? Where can I purchase more filters?

A. Generally, it is not necessary to replace the filter sheet. It is reusable by washing carefully.
If it gets torn, replace the filter sheet (2 spare filters are in the kit) by following the user’s manual.
If the user will need further purchase, it is listed in the service parts manual.



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