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Check CAM compatibility

Compatible CAM
Millbox: 2019 version or later.
hyperDENT: DGSHAPE ver 8.2.3 or later.

When Using an Incompatible CAM software
If the user’s CAM software is not compatible with DWINDEX2, the tooth count and
material data will not be reflected automatically. Material data can be manually set in
settings panel in VPanel software.

DWX Model and CAM Software Compatibility

△:The tooth count and material data is not visible in DWINDEX.
〇:Adjusting CAM preferences will allow the tooth count and material data to be visible in DWINDEX.
◎:The tooth count and material data will be visible in DWINDEX.

How to activate DWINDEX data in Millbox & DGSHAPE Dental CAM
Use these steps to properly set up your MillBox and DGSHAPE Dental CAM software for DWINDEX.

1. Press “Ctrl”+”Alt”+”7” once the CAM software is started to open the password entry panel.

2. Type “enable” and press OK.

3. Click on the “Configuration” icon.

4. Check the box next to “Enable DWINDEX Click integration” on the “general page.”