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What Will You Learn?

  • Improved efficiency in managing and tracking CAD CAM materials.
  • Better organization and utilization of partially used materials.
  • Streamlined processes for adding, updating, and deleting inventory items.
  • Enhanced understanding of automation features for inventory management.
  • Increased ability to locate and manage materials digitally.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of how to create and utilize locations for inventory tracking.

Course Content

Creating Your DGSHAPE Account
Prepare to embark on your Inventory Management Training journey with our first video, "Creating Your DGSHAPE Account." This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up your essential DGSHAPE account. If you're new to DGSHAPE or need to refresh your account, this video is your starting point. We'll cover steps from email verification to selecting your business's country or region, ensuring a smooth account creation process. Stay tuned for the next video, where we'll connect VPanel with your DGSHAPE account. Let's get started!

  • Creating Your DGSHAPE Account
  • DGSHAPE Account Creation Quiz

Connecting VPanel to Your DGSHAPE Account
Prepare to connect VPanel to your DGSHAPE account in our second video. This is a pivotal step in your Inventory Management Training. We'll guide you through updating VPanel to its latest version, ensuring you have access to all the latest features. Once VPanel is updated, we'll show you how to seamlessly link it to your DGSHAPE account, a critical connection for effective device management through DGSHAPE Cloud. Get ready to streamline your inventory management process and optimize your DGSHAPE experience with this tutorial.

Accessing and Subscribing to Inventory Management
Prepare to dive into the world of efficient inventory management in our second video, "Accessing and Subscribing to Inventory Management." This video will guide you through the steps to access the Inventory Management web application, including logging in and accepting subscription terms, as it's a subscription-based software with a monthly cost. After completing the subscription process, you'll log in, accept terms of service, and enter the dashboard panel, where we'll explore the features and actions. Get ready to embark on your journey towards streamlined inventory management!

Understanding the Inventory Management Dashboard
Get ready to explore the Inventory Management Dashboard in our next video. This is your command center for tracking CAD CAM materials in your Milling Center. We'll cover alerts for material levels, monetary values, filtering options, and the top material chart, giving you an overview of your inventory. Understanding this dashboard is just the beginning of what Inventory Management has to offer. In our upcoming segment, we'll take the first step in using Inventory Management: adding inventory to your account. So, buckle up for a journey that simplifies your inventory management and empowers your CAD CAM material tracking experience.

Adding CAD CAM Material Profiles to Inventory Management
Get ready to enhance your CAD CAM material tracking with our next video, "Adding CAD CAM Material Profiles to Inventory Management." This video provides hands-on guidance on how to add material profiles to your Inventory Management account. Whether you prefer manual entry, a handheld scanner, or your device's camera, we've got you covered. Streamline your inventory tracking and empower your CAD CAM material management. In the upcoming segment, we'll dive deeper into adding new profiles. Let's get started!

Creating New Material Profiles in Inventory Management
Prepare to expand your inventory management skills in our next video, "Creating New Material Profiles in Inventory Management." This lesson will guide you through the process of manually creating new profiles for your materials, one at a time. Learn how to input essential details such as brand, unit cost, low and target quantities, material type, shade, and size. These settings are critical for maintaining precise inventory levels and streamlining your reordering process. With hands-on guidance, you'll master the art of creating profiles, setting the stage for effective inventory management. Stay tuned for the next video, where we'll delve into entering quantities. Let's get started!

Adding Inventory Quantities to a New Profile
This video explains how to add quantities to a newly created profile in your inventory management account. You'll learn how to enter new inventory quantities, choose or create locations for storage, assign lot numbers, and confirm the details before finalizing the entry.

Efficient Profile Import in Inventory Management
Prepare to revolutionize your material management in our next video, "Efficient Profile Import in Inventory Management." This lesson introduces a game-changing feature that allows you to swiftly import all your material options into your account using a spreadsheet. Say goodbye to manual entries and save valuable time. We'll guide you through the process, from downloading the template to customizing it with your material profiles. By the end of this video, you'll be ready to streamline your material management with ease. Get ready for an efficient material import experience!

Accessing the Profile View Panel
The Profile View Panel is a central feature for managing inventory profiles. This video will guide you through accessing the panel using the dashboard, search, and locations features. You'll learn how to efficiently navigate and utilize this panel to view, edit, and manage your inventory profiles.

How to Use the Profile View Panel
This video will guide you through the Profile View Panel, where you can manage your inventory profiles. You'll learn how to upload images, edit profile details, add custom attributes, and manage inventory units. The panel provides essential information on inventory amounts, costs, and settings, as well as item numbers, CAM IDs, and locations for each unit. Understanding this panel is crucial for efficiently managing your CAD/CAM materials.

Uploading an Image to a Profile
This video demonstrates how to visually enhance your inventory management by adding images to your material profiles. You'll learn how to access the profile view panel from the dashboard, upload an image from your computer, and associate it with the selected profile. This feature helps you easily identify and differentiate materials in your inventory.

Profile Editing and Customization in Inventory Management
Prepare for a deep dive into profile editing and customization with our next video, "Profile Editing and Customization in Inventory Management." This lesson will empower you to make adjustments to your material profiles, ensuring they align with the dynamic needs of your Milling Center. You'll learn how to access the profile view panel and use the "Edit Item" button to modify details as required. Whether it's updating prices, fine-tuning low and target quantities, or refining profile specifics, this video will guide you through the process. Get ready to adapt and optimize your material profiles for precision and efficiency in your inventory management. Let's get started!

Custom Attributes for Material Profiles
Get ready to empower your material profile management with custom attributes in our next video, "Custom Attributes for Material Profiles." This lesson explores how you can personalize material profiles to capture specific characteristics, simplifying your search and enabling custom reporting. Discover the easy steps to add custom attributes, whether it's translucency, shade, or other unique details, and watch as these attributes become visible in the profile view. By the end of this video, you'll be well-prepared to fine-tune your material profiles to suit your Milling Center's distinctive needs. Let's dive in!

How to Use the Item View Panel
In this section, we will delve into the item view panel's functionalities for managing individual units of inventory within each profile. You will learn how to access the item view panel from the dashboard menu, understand the layout of the panel, and explore its features. We will cover how to interpret and utilize unit information, including item numbers, cam IDs, profile links, timestamps, and location details. Additionally, you will learn how to perform actions such as deleting units, editing details, adding jobs, and linking profiles. This knowledge will help you effectively manage your inventory and optimize your milling operations.

Item Lot Numbers and Locations
Get ready to explore the world of item lot numbers and locations in our next video. "Item Lot Numbers and Locations" will walk you through a straightforward yet crucial process in Inventory Management. Learn how to update lot numbers and set specific item locations, making material tracking and organization a breeze. This video equips you with essential skills to take your inventory management to the next level. Let's dive in!

Automated Profile Updates After Milling Jobs
Prepare to witness the magic of automation in our upcoming video. "Automated Profile Updates After Milling Jobs" takes your CAD/CAM material management to the next level. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to seamless, real-time updates. Join us as we explore how Inventory Management handles the heavy lifting, updating profiles effortlessly after DWX Milling device jobs. It's all about making your material management smarter and more efficient. Let's get started!

Manually Updating Inventory Items Without Compatible CAM
Get ready to explore manual inventory updates in our upcoming video, "Manually Updating Inventory Items Without Compatible CAM." We'll guide you through the process, step by step, allowing you to keep your material inventory accurate, even if you don't have a compatible CAM system. Join us for an essential lesson in managing your inventory effectively. Let's begin!

Creating a Job for an Item
This video tutorial focuses on custom job creation in the item view panel for users without compatible CAM software or those seeking to maximize material usage. It explains the process of adding a custom job manually, including entering the job ID, completion date, and usage percentage. Through this method, users can fully utilize a unit of material, moving it from the partially used to the fully used units list in the profile view panel, resulting in decreased inventory costs.

Removing Jobs from Inventory Items
Prepare for our upcoming video, "Removing Jobs from Inventory Items," where we'll show you how to quickly resolve the situation if you accidentally add a job to a unit by mistake. Stay calm and learn the easy steps to remove unwanted jobs from your inventory items. This skill will help you keep your inventory accurate and organized. Let's dive in!

Managing Excess Units in Your Account
Get ready to address an inventory management challenge. Discover how to efficiently remove excess units from your account in the item view panel. This video will guide you through the process, ensuring that your inventory amounts and costs are accurately adjusted. Stay in control of your materials and keep your inventory organized.

Managing Locations for Partially Used CAD/CAM Materials
In this video, we will explore the importance of efficiently managing partially used CAD/CAM material units and introduce the location feature in Inventory Management. Depending on the applications you're milling, you may have partially used units with valuable material left for future jobs. However, keeping track of these units can be challenging. We will show you how to access the locations panel, where you can view, rename, delete, or create new locations to help you better organize and locate your CAD/CAM materials. This feature will streamline your workflow and ensure that partially used materials are readily available for your Milling Center's needs.

Managing Locations for CAD CAM Materials
In this video, we'll explore how strategically using locations can streamline the management of your new and reusable CAD CAM materials. Whether it's a shelf, a cooling place, or a dedicated drawer, locations can be a valuable asset in your Milling Center. Learn how to effortlessly add and track these locations in Inventory Management, making material management more efficient.

Using Compatible CAM Software for Automated Workflow
Learn how to leverage compatible CAM software to automate material updates in Inventory Management. Understand the compatibility requirements and how to adjust settings for Millbox and hyperDent CAM software.

Understanding and Using CAM ID for Inventory Automation
Learn about CAM ID, a unique identifier assigned to each unit of material in your inventory profile. Discover how CAM ID works with compatible CAM software to automate your workflow, update stock levels, and streamline inventory management processes.

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